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business applications
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Maxapt Quickeye Maxapt QuickEye 2.8.8
Employee monitoring software. It helps company managers to track their employees' work efficiency. You take control of how much time your employees are spending on actually working, and how much time they are wasting on secondary tasks.
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Business Applications Project Management
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OmniSchedule was designed for those managers who wish to effectively and efficiently plan and organize the schedules of their staff on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. OmniSchedule provides a stable and easy to use platform from which employee schedules can be easily built, changed and or updated. Flexible scheduling options allow you to account for split shifts, sick days, maternity leave and various other allowances that are required in scheduling staff.

Simple and easy to use
Create effective and efficient staff schedules in minutes
Easy to share schedules can be printed or posted to the web
Keep accurate records of hours and activities
Generate meaningful reports at the click of a mouse
Create personalized schedules, meeting room schedules, and equipment booking schedules along with work schedules

A great product from Defend Gate.
business application
best business applications

Investment-Calc NPV - IRR Analysis
investment pro

A complete collection of Investment Calc Excel workbooks.
Includes a 30 page Guide fully explaining all the calculations and equations required for time based value of investing.
Ready to use Excel templates provide Present values and internal rate of returns of investment project cash flows, future values of money flows, present values compounded between dates, present values of a recurring amount, present value of periodic investments. ROIC, EBITDA, after tax NPV & IRR of any irregular or periodic cash flows.
Present value of any monthly recurring amount for up to 50 years applying annual rate of increase if required.
Present value of any amount received in the future. Time value of money calculators.
Annual rate of return of investments when price changes are known on a monthly basis.
Annual rate of return of a portfolio with buy/sell transactions on any date. Yield to maturity of bond calculations.

A great product from Millennium Software Inc.
business applications

investment analysis
A most Easy-to-use software designed to make quick and easy work of downloading and converting videos from YouTube. After downloading videos, it will auto convert FLV files to MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MOV etc. Soon, you can see youtube videos on your iPod, iPhone, PSP or mobile phone! Download the free trial now !
Broadwave Streamer Audio Server
BroadWave is audio streaming software designed to broadcast any audio connected to the sound input on the PC. It will also stream audio recordings that are loaded as wav, mp3, wma, aiff and many other formats. BroadWave handles the audio stream compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment and serving over the Internet.
Audio Broadcaster
Audio Broadcaster can set music playing at fixed time, control the length of time and play date, all automatically. It can be used to control working time in schools, factories, parks, ballroom, shopping malls, clubs, bars as well as offices.
QuickTime MOV Converter Pro
Converts MOV, QT, MP4 and M4A files to AVI, MPEG, DivX, WMV,3GP, MP4, MP3, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Zune, Zen, Archos and other formats.
Ultrawave Guitar Tuner
This tuner supports Asio v2 and has an audio monitor built in to make tuning easier.
Executive-Ringtones for Smart Phone
Professional ringtone library comprises exclusive, stand-out content in mp3 formatfrom the vast audio vaults of leading sound effect companies in Hollywood.
Eztoo DVD To iPod Converter
Converts DVD to iPod MP4 (MPEG-4) and MP3, AAC, M4A, etc, put DVD on iPod player, iPhone mobile with great quality and super fast speed.

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